Team Training

Our team training brings a comprehensive performance model to your program. We’ll share key elements of our system, strategy, and structure that will set your team up for future success. Whether you come to us or we go to you, we’ll bring best in long-term athletic development.

Program highlights

Test – Initial Assessment (60 minutes)

  • Individual athlete movement screening
  • Custom performance quality assessment (strength/power/speed/agility)
  • 3 to 12-week programming 
  • Video analysis of select athletes 

Train – Training Session (60 minutes)

  • Team review of exercises/movements with certified sports performance specialist to maximize program benefit
  • On-going key performance indicator management
  • Access to online exercise database

Track – (45 minutes)

  • Weekly feedback on key performance indicators
  • A repeat of athlete movement screen + performance quality assessment
  • Review and update team exercises/workouts as necessary

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The most up-to-date performance training from Coach Barrera and his team of performance coaches. Addressing areas like body preparation and warm-up, training and recovery.  Contact us to discuss scheduling team sessions at your current training location (field, court, gymnasium, school,etc).

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