Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Screening

Golf Screenings/Assessments

Virginia Sport & Spine Institute’s Dr. Jeffrey Lowes is a respected local clinician with significant experience in the Golf Health & Fitness realm. Dr. Lowes is a level 3 certified Medical professional with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) – the world’s leading authority on Golf Health & Fitness.  

Virginia Sport & Spine Institute was founded in 2018 and is a state of the art sport specific health care facility that provides the most cutting-edge, scientifically proven golf screenings/assessments, soft-tissue and myofascial treatments, and exercise prescription for golfers of all ages and abilities.  

Our facility aim is to work with our clients and their team (Golf Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Psychologist, Nutritionist etc.) to provide the highest quality care for their injury management, injury rehabilitation, and golf performance needs.  

A Golf specific screening includes:

  • TPI Screen/Assessment; 
  • Golf specific Fitness Assessment; 
  • TPI Bio-mechanical Golf Swing Analysis;
  • Detailed Report of Findings for you and your Coach;
  • Golf specific TPI Exercise Program. 

Golf Performance Evaluation

Most golfers are continually striving to improve their game. From changes in equipment to adjustments in the swing or short game, minor adjustments often go a long way. The Virginia Sport & Spine Institute team understands the most important piece of equipment in your golf game…your body.

Often times our clients have been experiencing frustrations with the lack of improvement in their game despite continual lessons and investments. The golf performance evaluation utilizes research based movement assessments to break the golfer’s body down in to areas of mobility and stability impairments. These impairments are the limiting factor in the athlete’s ability to improve performance. By identifying and correcting these impairments and restoring proper movement patterns the athlete is able to swing efficiently and effectively while reducing injury risk and improving the longevity of their golf game. 

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Screening

The TPI screen allows us to identify specific movements related to the golf swing that a player is unable to perform. This information often correlates to swing faults such as swaying, early extension, coming “over the top”, etc.

When physical restrictions in mobility and stability are driving forces in a swing deficiency it cannot be corrected with basic coaching as the physical impairment will not go away without specific intervention.

Call today to schedule your evaluation.  Evaluations are typically performed in our performance loft within our clinic or special arrangements can be made to complete small group assessments at your home golf course/range.

More Information

Titleist Performance Institute Instruction & Injury Prevention

Jeffrey Lowes, DC, CSCS, TPI-M3 has been qualified as a Certified Level 3 Medical Provider by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). TPI is a PGA andLPGA approved, golf-specific training program that has developed a physical screen to identify physical limitations that may be contributing to swing flaws, injuries, and higher scores. Our Golf Fitness Program will evaluate upper/lower body flexibility, posture, core stability, balance, and golf specific mobility. Based on the results of the TPI screen, we can develop an individualized exercise program to address each client’s physical limitations that may be affecting the golf swing and/or risk for injury.

Benefits of a Golf Fitness Program:

  • Identify physical limitations contributing to different swing characteristics
  • Maximize lessons with a golf pro by developing a swing pattern that works within your limitations
  • Minimize risk of injury / recover more easily from injury
  • Improve balance between stability and mobility required for the golf swing
  • Help to progress you towards specific strength and power training specific to golf

Program Highlights

Initial Evaluation (60 minutes)

  • Brief health screening
  • 16-step TPI biomechanical screen
  • Video Capture of golf swing to help in body-swing analysis
  • Customized home exercise program based on your physical limitations
  • Coordination with golf professional if appropriate

Training Session (45 minutes)

  • One on one review of exercises to maximize benefit from exercise
  • Supplement exercises with manual procedures (if necessary)
  • Instruct in self soft tissue mobilization techniques
  • Instruct on proper daily body prep, exercise/golf warm up and cool down

Re-evaluation (45 minutes)

  • Repeat of 16-step TPI biomechanical screen
  • Repeat body swing analysis with video capture of golf swing
  • Review and update home exercises as necessary

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

The SFMA is what helps make the Virginia Sport & Spine Institute team unique. TPI Certified Medical Professionals with years of experience in athletic performance will conduct your performance evaluation. Combining your player and/or medical history and the TPI screen with the SFMA allows us to identify very specific body impairments from mobility restrictions to motor control dysfunctions limiting your game.  

Performance Assessments

Performance assessments help to determine an athlete’s baseline movement quality, and are typically performed before the start of a new sports season or to aid in evaluating potential injury risk levels. Additionally, a quality assessment can help identify challenge areas that may be holding back performance advancement, such as: range of motion limitations; lack of control or stability; motor control; and the ability to store and express kinetic energy.  At the Virginia Sport & Spine Institute, we are always assessing our athletes and clients to assure or treatment and training is specifically geared towards the individual.  A performance assessment is highly recommended prior to a new golf season or before you begin a new training program.

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